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FREE Webinar … because enough is enough!

It was Jim Rohn who said, “Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

Yet, for many of us, engineering or leading change in schools is incredibly difficult. What’s that all about? Well, in many instances the anchors on our change agendas are many and varied, but often include:

  • establishing buy-in from staff.
  • fear of criticism from parents.
  • change being viewed as additional work.
  • the absence of a consistent change approach.
  • unreasonable attachment to historical or traditional practices.
  • lack of time to determine the best changes to make.

Enough of this. It’s likely that you agree that many of our schools are overdue for change in some fundamental areas and processes and you are perfectly placed to be the agents of that change. You just need to know how.

This webinar is targeted at current and prospective School Leaders who are interested in learning about:

  • the unique ways in which educational institutions do change.
  • the leadership principles that must be attended to in change processes.
  • examples of successful school change and transformation.
  • the techniques for garnering genuine collegial support (so you aren’t the only one rowing in a new direction).


This is a critically important component of contemporary School Leadership. Don’t miss your opportunity to enhance you work, your career, your effectiveness and your school

It’s all about Teamwork!

Welcome to the team!  This week, we welcome Boneo Primary School and Somers Primary School to the Real Schools Partnership Team.

But while they are on our team now, what matters most is what happens in their teams.  We’re delighted to be Partnering with both teams for an extended period to support their teams through the tricky task of pulling in the same direction … in a busy and ever-changing school environment.

We’re rapt to be working with Principals Gill Wright and David Ingham and encourage you to check out our Partnership Webpage if you think your school should be next.