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FREE Webinar – Leading Practice Breakthroughs

There are dangers and perils to your school’s improvement agenda at every turn.I’d suggest that one of the most dangerous, and perhaps least spoken about, is what I refer to as Practice-Policy Gaps. Effectively, this is where you have a stated policy, ambition, standard or program in place but your staff are:

  • not bought into practicing this way.
  • not aware that they are failing to meet the standard.
  • actively deciding to practice differently.
  • distracted by other priorities.

These gaps are not only anchors on your progress towards your strategic targets, but are also creating a culture whereby other and new objectives can be either passively or actively sabotaged.

So, this webinar is a highly productive and practical look at how School Leaders can:

  • support staff to make change practice.
  • support staff to change their minds and to abandon deeply held philosophies.
  • create a culture where feedback is expected, encouraged and craved.
  • encourage self-identification of improvement challenges in staff.
  • adopt a repeated methodology for addressing detrimental Practice-Policy Gaps.

There’s an elephant in the classroom! And we can make curriculum, program and other cosmetic changes that drain our time, energy and resources if we wish – in other words, we could ignore that elephant.

Or we can get busy on the practice imperative in your school that will be the biggest determining factor in your success. The choice is yours.

This Real Schools Webinar is targeted at School Leaders, aspiring Leaders and System Leaders across all phases of learning.