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FREE WEBINAR … that your student can’t afford you to miss.

What are our Teachers and Parents really kept awake at night by?  It’s a confronting question and the answer is often connected strongly to “the unknown” about our kids.

Where are they?
What are they doing?
What choices are they making?
What are the consequences of those choices?
How can I help them make better choices?

At Real Schools, we’re determined to respond to these questions and to have you access the experts.  It’s time for you to know the unknown … and to get some sleep!  That’s why we’re delighted to have Sacha Kaluri and Sonya Karras of the Australian Teen Expo joining us for a critically important webinar titled “Safe Teen Pathways” on Thursday 8thSeptember at 3.30pm AEST.

Sonya and Sacha are the subject matter experts in how Teachers and Parents can play their role in pointing young people in the right direction.  They even now have their own TV Program on this topic that premiered on Channel 31 just this week!

Register by clicking here and ensure that you are ready to support your teens in making the right calls.

This webinar is targeted at Middle School Teachers, Secondary School Teachers, Upper Primary Teachers and all conscientious Parents.