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FREE Webinar … this Thursday!

Welcome back to Semester Two!  We’re pretty determined to get you off to a real flyer this semester so we’ve devised a webinar experience that you won’t forget in a hurry and that goes to the very core of our educative purpose.

Every single strategy you try and every single program you run in your schools will have it’s probability of success hinged upon one single factor – the quality of the relational culture in which you deploy them.

Healthy Teacher-Student relationships have long been anecdotally known to positively influence student performance – but recent studies and literature can now prove and measure the significance of this influence.  It really is time we paid attention to this and started to make relationships our core business.

But how?

This webinar will be a highly practical examination of some key points that should underpin every Teacher’s classroom management planning and also every School Leader’s improvement agenda.  These points include:

  • just how much positive relationships impact student learning.
  • the starting points for building individual and group relationships.
  • how to leverage exisiting relationships for higher performance levels.
  • how to use relationships to establish, sustain and reinforce high behavioural standards.
  • the strategies for relational improvement proven to have the best ROI (return on investment).
  • the whole school steps to take together when it comes to consistently cultivating that relational culture.
  • the high engagement, low disruption learning environment.

This FREE webinar is targeted at Teachers and School Leaders across all sectors and phases of learning.

It’s one not to be missed!