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FREE WEBINAR … this Thursday.

Do we have to “feel” motivated before something important can be done? Can we “fix” student motivation with an entertaining speaker? Does “fun” alone motivate our students to think more, to do more or to be more?

Well, you can probably tell by the rather leading nature of these questions that I think we’ve gotten way off track when it comes to building motivated young people.  And despite our best efforts, too many Teachers and School Leaders are still asking  “What happened to Student Motivation?”

There is something we can do about this and it commences with CLICKING HERE TO REGISTER for our next free webinar … “Unlocking Student Motivation”.

While it’s always been a challenge to harness the attention of students who’d rather be outside having fun, they now have a plethora of distractions to keep them from the critical task of learning.

Register here for this “don’t miss and completely FREE” opportunity on Thursday 16th March at 3.30pm AEDT 

The online world, issues with peers, physiological conditions, family circumstances, resilience and self-esteem all contribute in their own ways to make the task of improving motivation one that is complex and ever-changing.For that reason, it stands to reason that some of the old methods of getting in an entertaining speaker or running a “team building” event are letting us down.
In this webinar, we’ll be matching very real, practical and implementable strategies to the challenges of:
  • increasing engagement and on-task behaviour.
  • capturing the attention of today’s distracted students.
  • elevating and rewarding higher levels of effort.
  • choosing instructional modes that are productively preventative … in preference to “putting out spotfires”.

This Real Schools Webinar is aimed at Teachers, School Leaders and Administrators of all phases of learning.