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Gamifying cultural leadership

I get it.

When crisis comes, with it comes emotion.  And in the midst of emotions – especially emotions like anxiety, frustration, uncertainty and fear – strategising and decision making is incredibly difficult.

For School Leaders intent on human support, this can make determining the right thing to do or the first thing to do seemingly impossible.

So, we’ve taken that decision out of your hands.

Click here to download your PDF version of “Shutdown School Culture Bingo For Principals Who Care”

Leadership in times of great stress is about expressed empathy and the actions in this Bingo Card will make it both a fun game for you and an outwardly demonstrable expression of your deep understanding that your people are doing it tough.

As Oprah Winfrey said “Leadership is about empathy.  It is about having the ability to relate to and connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives”.

She has a point, Oprah.  And that’s why you don’t see much on the Bingo Card about students.  It’s time for School Leaders to trust and empower our Teachers and Parents to do that work.  

See your Teachers and Parents, with all of their struggles, their fears and their anxieties … and help them with that.  It’s the one leadership investment you can make right now with a bountiful and certain high ROI.

But what you’ll also notice in the Bingo Card is that there are several actions that are about you and looking after yourself.

Those same Teachers and Parents are going to need you at your best when the time to heal and recover from the Coronavirus crisis comes.  Make sure you’re at your best by then too.