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Getting Practice on the Agenda … It works.

I abandoned my original newsletter to you today after a chat on the phone with one of our amazing Partner Schools at Richmond North PS in NSW.

They reported an incredibly positive story to me about how their school is turning around.  For the first time in a decade, they are experiencing quite stark increases in enrolment and a transformation in community perception that finally matches the hard work and innovation that staff have demonstrated for some time.

They’re doing it through a distinct and explicit focus on School Culture – and one that supports not only their students, but also their teachers – to flourish, to invent and to push boundaries.

This determination to standout, rather than blend in, is reaping a number of benefits in multiple key school indicators – including student learning and parent perceptions.

For me, the most pertinent aspect of this whole school improvement journey is the critical importance that the RNPS leaders place upon Teacher Practice – it’s on their agenda, it’s supported in PL, it’s strategically recognized and it’s maintained in challenging times.

Our sincere congratulations go to Brad, Adam, Shontelle and all the staff at Richmond North PS for the work they are doing – you’re a beacon of light for all busy schools.  We’re rapt to be Partnering with you and enjoying the ride.

What’s possible in your school with a similar commitment to Teacher Practice carved into your agendas?

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