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Gratitude, creativity, courage and kindness.

I’ve created a rather cruel personal quandary for myself this year.

I want to be simultaneously kind to myself, brave with my choices, creative and grateful.

Sometimes, those ambitions contradict.  This is one of those sometimes, but I’m doing it anyway.

The above is a poem I’ve written for parents about our teachers’ collective experience of 2020.  It’s really just my attempt at a public thank you – with a special nod to our Victorian brethren.
I don’t see myself as a particularly creative person, but did I muster all of my creative juices to produce these four minutes of amateur rhyme for you.
I don’t see myself as a particularly brave person, but I’m putting this out there for your ridicule and amusement anyway.  I’m counting on the kindness of strangers, perhaps.
I don’t see myself as being particularly adept at expressing gratitude, but I do really hope you all know how in awestruck I am of what you continue to achieve.
Anyway, I’m off to buy a sausage roll.  That’s the “kind to myself” bit.

Warm regards,