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Has stakeholder conduct actually changed … at all?

We’ve seen them come down the pike before, these behaviour management programs.  Haven’t we?

Whenever issues of student behaviour have been highlighted and whenever key school stakeholders come into conflict about the way we conduct ourselves, their creators seize the opportunity.

You see, edu-companies who market to schools are good at pitching just when the pain is acute enough.  They know that we feel like we’re drowning, we grasp desperately at anything that they tell is is a lifebuoy.

But on the other side of the program implementation, of the policy re-write, of the posters built, of the banal PL days and of the matrices and values exercises … has the conduct between those key stakeholders really changed much … or at all?

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That’s why this day matters so much.

The answer to our student behaviour concerns just doesn’t lie in schools accepting the next program masquerading as a solution … as another lifebuoy! 

It lies in:

  • A deep exploration of how and why we continually return to this place of behavioural distress.
  • A reframing of the solution as being a cultural one and not a program one.
  • A deciding upon key actions for your school that build momentum for working differently.

That’s what this completely FREE 2-hour session is all about.  

It’s really up to you.  Are you a School Leader who follows the pack down the program pathway that thousands of others have walked before … just because it’s the conventional wisdom?

Or are you a School Leader that walks a different path, influences actual conduct between people and makes your school stand out? 

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