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Head down, bum up

Staring at the finish line won’t bring it any closer.

Talking about how tired you are won’t give you any energy.

Sure, it’s a trick of the mind to some extent this “positive thinking” stuff … but it works.

Teach hard, lead energetically, plan for your best year yet in 2021 – and before you know it, you’ll look up and notice that you’ve got a cool drink in your hand followed by a sleep-in tomorrow morning.

Head down, bum up.  You’ve got this.


If you’re a Victorian School and you’re interested in us doing the heavy lifting for you in both Grant Application and in delivery of a meaningful approach to Teacher Wellbeing in 2021 – then you need to book a time to chat with Amy Green PRONTO!

Use this Calendly link to book a time to chat with her and to have us Partner with you about preserving and caring for your greatest asset in tough times … your staff!








Ever get to the end of holidays only to feel like you need another holiday? Or maybe you continually struggle to get back into the school routine?

Join Amy this Tuesday at 5pm as she chats to you about how to maximise your holidays, making sure you don’t work through them, or rest so much nothing is achieved.









We’ve got so many schools discovering that School Culture was the thing that mattered all along as a result of the interrupted 2020 that we’ve all endured.

So what? Now what?

Well, we have some very clever School Leaders considering our School Culture Partnerships as the perfect way forward.

We position your own experienced and successful School Principal as a critical friend to your school for three years and then get to work with everything you can see in this pic.

Does it make a difference?  Have a look at what the Kananook PS  community has to say about their journey and then flick an email to to arrange a chat about what we can do with your school.










THOUGHTS by Adam Voigt

I’ve had a few School Leaders speak to me lately about Teachers reverting to older versions of themselves upon returning from lockdowns.

Somehow, the changes that we were implementing – especially when it comes to practice – that were not yet made embedded and habitualised have disappeared.  It’s almost like they never happened.

I think our muscle memory is an incredibly strong thing and the things we’ve done the most, even if that’s in our distant past, can come back into practice without conscious effort to avoid that trap.

So … just avoid that trap, ok.  You were working on worthy practice shifts before you were sent into remote learning.  You were making progress on something.

Your old version of yourself is fine.  It was the best you could do with what you had at your time.  But it’s not the best version of yourself.

Teach hard through to the end of the school year.  Experiment.  Be brave.  Take a risk or two.  Grow.  Evolve.

It’ll be fun.

EPIPHANIES by Simon Dewar

The middle of term 4 is always a frantic time in schools. The feeling that ‘there is not enough time’ is often compounded by exhaustion and fatigue.  During these busy times, it’s important that we stay connected with our colleagues and look out for each other.

It’s important that we place a high value on our relationships. It’s the perfect time of the year to be guided by this quote from Dale Carnegie, “The more you are interested in others, the more interesting they find you. To be interesting, be interested.”

Warm regards,