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Hit The One In The Middle

Fighting for a Successful School Culture

There’s a favourite scene of mine in the great Sylvester Stallone “Rocky” movies (it’s actually from the fourth installment where Rocky fights a gigantic blonde Russian ‘block of iron’ called Ivan Drago – don’t pretend you haven’t seen it!).

Rocky is receiving a terrible thumping from his opponent when he returns to his stool at the end of the round and his trainer, Duke, asks him “What’s happening out there?”

Rocky replies, “He’s winning… I see three of him out there!”
Paulie chips in with “Hit the one in the middle.”
Duke: “Right! Hit the one in the middle.”

And as it often feels when developing a School Culture.  We know we need to act, to focus and to hit our mark.
But where do we start?  What do we hit first?

Hitting the one in the middle – a FREE webinar opportunity

We’d like you to join us for a FREE webinar on Thursday 18th September at 3.30pm (AEST) designed to help you and your fellow School Leaders locate the right starting point.

School Leaders across Australia are highly aware that their School Culture is critical. They tell me that programs, objectives, strategic plans and goals all fail when they are planted in an unproductive culture.

But what exactly is a School Culture?
… How do we define it?
… How do we work on it, enhance it and improve it?
… How do we sustain a productive and relational School Culture?
… And how do we know if we have a positive School Culture?

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