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I know you have a question.

In his blog ‘5 Great Reasons to Ask Questions’, Phil Mckinney shares why as adults we need to be more like children and ask more questions. 
It’s no question (pun intended) that children ask a lot of questions. This is the only way they can learn, begin to understand the world and also start to make connections between what they see, hear, feel and think.

However, as adults, we tend to ask google instead of a real person. When this happens, we lose the opportunity to gain insight into others thinking, develop understanding and have real connections.

As Phil Mckinney notes, there really are some great reasons for asking questions:

  1. You discover something new. 
  2. You put things together.  
  3. You remember things.  
  4. You resolve issues.  
  5. You understand people better. 

Sound good? I thought so too, which is why you can now ask more questions, know where to ask them and who will be answering them.

Every Tuesday, starting September 15th at 4pm, I’ll be jumping live on the Real Schools FB page for ‘Teacher Talk’ to answer any questions you may have. These could be questions about classroom practice, teacher wellbeing or what you should have for dinner. OK, maybe not the last question, but I am pretty much open to anything. Teaching, differentiation, assessment, parent connections, teaching teams, planning etc. No question to big or too small.
This is about helping you, giving you the opportunity to ask those questions which have been on your mind and to make sure you get an answer.
Got a question?
Send it through to me here or pop it below the FB post on the Real Schools page. You can also join me live on the day and pop your question in the comment box.
As some questions may be a bit sensitive, you absolutely have the option to have your questions answered anonymously, just let me know via email and I’ll be sure to keep your name out of the way, while making sure you get the answer you need.
I really am looking forward to this and can’t wait to answer the questions you send my way.
See you on Tuesday.

Warm regards,