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Ignoring our own research

I often make a ‘tongue in cheek’ joke when working with educators that one mantle the Education Sector can lay claim to would be that of World Champions of ignoring our own research. I get where that comes from – perhaps the scathing criticism meted out to any school who tries something a little different in the name of evidence!

But there’s some research we have an imperative to pay attention to. One such piece came to my attention this week via an article from the US about suspension rates. An entire jurisdiction had been able to bring down suspensions from 1165 to 467 in the space of about three years. Yep – three years! Read the article with a quick click here.

These are numbers we have no right to ignore. We mustn’t. And it’s the reason Real Schools is so heavily invested in Restorative Practices as a vehicle for transforming schools.

Which begs the question – why have you not registered some Teachers in your school to get the ball rolling at our 1-day Training in Melbourne on Tuesday 2nd June??

Let’s make it easy. You can click here or you can drop a line to to get the Registration Form and Flyer. Done!

Be the first school in your jurisdiction to start pulling numbers like those in Livermore Valley in the US.

Leaders – but not forgotten!

While we’re doing the workshop thing, we haven’t forgotten School Leaders who need to drive improvement through the core task of developing a successful School Culture.

When was the last time you thought about that?  Culture development as being core business?  Well, it’s high time that you got the thinking, support and action in place to get clear on:

  • Defining, prioritizing and transforming School Culture.
  • The Leadership behaviours underpinning successful School Cultures.
  • Invention as the new Innovation.
  • How your Leadership Character is directly impacting School Performance.

This one is a week later on Tuesday 9th June and you’re a quick click from a great decision. Just click here to register online or flick an email to if registration forms are a better option for you.