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I’ll just leave this here.

I’ve always loved the great Australian colloquialism “Doesn’t he like to blow his own trumpet?”.  Not only does it conjure an awesome visual, but there’s a gorgeous irony in it too.  I mean, who else is supposed to blow your trumpet for you?

A trusted colleague last week told me that I need to start blowing my trumpet a little louder, specifically about the value in our Real Schools Community Memberships.  I don’t like doing it.  I let my subconscious tell me that folk will find out about it if they have a genuine need and see the value.  Apparently it doesn’t work that way! This colleague insisted that I need to trumpet to schools, rather more loudly, what’s available.

So, I’ll just leave this here. 

Every month, we send to our Member Schools:

  • a new article on Cultural Leadership (with links to the AITSL Prin Standards)
  • a new article on Teacher Practice (with links to the AITSL Teacher Standards)
  • a 3-4 minute video called a Staff Meeting Conversation Starter to keep practice and relationships on your improvement agenda.
Further, we keep all of these in our archive for Member Schools that your whole school community can have a unique login for, where you also access e-books, white papers and every Real Schools webinar recording.

Cultural Leadership articles include topics like:

  • Transforming communication with parents.
  • Informing great program selection.
  • Building a resilient staff.

Teacher Practice articles and Staff Meeting Conversation Starters include topics like:

  • How to improve student behaviour.
  • Teaching empathy and responsibility.
  • Getting today’s students on-task.

We reckon the whole thing is pretty valuable now – but your whole school can be on board for the no-brainer of $249 per yearSign up at this link or just send a sign-on form request to and we’ll get you on in a jiffy.

There, I did it.  Toot toot!