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Introducing “Restoring Teaching”

I’d like to introduce you to the newest addition to the Real Schools family.  It’s called “Restoring Teaching” and I’m doing the whole proud parent thing about it.  We’ll do the whole naming day thing in an upcoming online book launch and details will be coming your way about that too.

How to describe this little bundle of joy?  Well, “Restoring Teaching” is about two big life ambitions for me:

  1. To restore teaching as a profession that young people aspire to for the respect and esteem in which classroom teachers and school leaders are held.
  2. To do it via restorative approaches, igniting a classroom-based revolution in the way we teach with focus, purpose and passion.

I sent out a pre-read to a few important and generous folk and the responses were quite amazing.  Here’s what Jane Caro had to say above…

”Restoring Teaching” is, in many ways, an anthology of my career and of what I’ve learned from more than 27 years of teaching and school leadership, packaged with a bias for practicality, humour and impact.

If you’d like to grab a copy, just head to the book’s dedicated webpage and buy up.

BUT, there’s a way you can cheat yourself into a FREE copy too.  I’m running a Video Tutorial this Wednesday afternoon at 3.45pm AEST about the key underpinning of “Restoring Teaching”.

I’m calling it RP2.0 and it’s an upgrading of the outdated restorative intention to ask some questions from a card when the kids play up, to a total transformation of your school culture, your stakeholders’ conduct and your collective staff mindset.  In a nutshell, it’s a promise of days ahead in your school that are more pleasant and productive while simultaneously less stressful and punitive.



Click here to register for the Video Tutorial. Every attendee at the webinar WILL have a copy of “Restoring Teaching” sent to them.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  ONE.

Warm regards,