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Is your School Culture worth one day?

It continues to amaze me how intuitively we all know how much our School Culture matters – yet how little we focus on it.  Despite the universal agreement that our programs and interventions will fail in a less than positive culture, most of us continue to allow our cultures to develop by osmosis.

What if you took control of your School Culture?  What if you defined it, targeted it and planned for the cultivation of it?  What if this piece of work was the catalyst for success in all of your strategic efforts?

And then … what if you could get that focus from one day of your time?  Would you invest the time?

We still have a few seats left for “School Culture In Focus” – a groundbreaking non-conference we’re holding next week in Melbourne on Thursday 29th October.  You can register by clicking here or send an email to we’ll get you registered.

This event is targeted at School Leaders who know there is a next level for their school to reach – and conducted by a School Principal who has done it.  We can’t wait to see you there.