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It really needn’t take this long.

Here’s what I know about most of the student conflicts that I’ve injected myself into:

  1. They took way too long.  Students are great at telling stories (their own painted versions, of course) and anchoring conversations in the past.  I’ve even listened to sordid tales of generational conflict … because there was a spat at recess over a cricket match decision.  What on earth was I doing?
  2. I usually made things worse.  Chiefly, this was because the students had just spent an hour with me remembering all of the historical reasons that they hate each other.
    Once more … what on earth was I doing?

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Conflict in schools simply need not be:

Time consuming.
Something to be avoided.
The responsibility of the teachers and school leaders … forever.

Conflict is actually to be expected in every relationship and therefore, every relational system.  We can be ready with a simple methodology that points students toward a future where they fix their mistakes themselves … leaving us with little more to do than thank and congratulate them for taking that responsibility.
This hour of your time is going to save you MANY more hours.  Doesn’t that sound nice?

Come along.  Don’t make me argue with you!

Warm regards,