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It started with a simple dare to step out of line …

And so we stepped out of line!  I remember well the moment that our Teacher FastTrack Program was ‘conceived’.  I was in a conversation about Real Schools with a rather skeptical colleague who was determined that the big problem with supporting Teachers with their practice is that “you just can’t do it unless you’re face-to-face and none of us have the time – plus I can’t afford the CRTs to let them out of the school for PD anyway!”

Hmm … that sounded way too irresistible a dare for me to walk away from.  Of course you CAN assist emerging Teachers with what they really need to build career traction without holding their hand/s!  And so we built the Teacher FastTrack.  But rather than me blabbering on about it too much, why don’t you read what some of our initial graduates (and now our proud alumni) have said about their experience …

“I enjoyed the flexibility of doing the TFT Modules each month in my own time.  Doing a TFT module each month allowed me time to apply, practice and experiment with the techniques and ideas from each module during the month.  Sometimes I watched the Videos several times during the month to reinforce the ideas and techniques. TFT reinforces that relationships are the most important part of learning.  I learnt to be more relaxed in the classroom.  I worry less about the work being carried out and more about relationships.  I discovered that when the relationships are right the work and the learning take care of itself.  I started this year thinking “Wow, I have great classes this year.”  Then when I listened to other teachers complaining about their classes, with the same students, I realised that the classes were no different. What was different was me and the relationships I had with the students.”

  • Jayne White

“Being able to do the learning online meant that I could undertake the modules at my own pace and the flexibility meant that I could fit the module’s easily into my schedule.  The modules taught me a lot about not only better ways to interact with my students and help support their behaviour in class, it also taught me a lot about myself as a teacher and how I could better link the partnership between teacher, student and parents.   It has made a difference in both informal and formal ways, depending on the situation. I have noticed on a daily basis that I am more conscious of the language I am using with the students and to model to them restorative language. In formal settings it has helped provide me with a framework to help work with students whose behaviour is more challenging.”

  • Margaret Hardy

“I found the experience of learning about Teaching Practice online a relaxed and convenient one. The units were easily accessible and could be viewed in the comfort of your own home, allowing plenty of time for reflection.  TFT has illustrated the importance of constantly self-reflecting about teaching practices and everything involved in teaching and learning. I have learnt more about the importance of teacher/student relationships, positive culture within a classroom and how best to ensure the wellbeing of my students.  TFT has provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my teaching practice, focusing on ways to establish best practice in my classroom. It has provided me with a range of strategies and questioning techniques to use when dealing with difficult behaviours and social issues within and outside the classroom. I have become much more confident and proficient when dealing with these types of issues.”

  • Ricky Damiano

“TFT has offered a great professional development experience. Each module provided me with practical and useful advice for everyday use in the classroom. TFT  also provides flexible learning opportunities that can be done at a time that works best for busy teachers!  Thank you. It has been such a worthwhile opportunity that I have gained so much from.”

  • Colleen Scott

“I found the process really convenient! I was able to access the TFT modules at a time that suited me, which made sure I was in the right headspace to properly engage with the learning.  TFT reiterated to me the importance of all the things that underpin teaching and learning – teacher/student relationships, school/classroom culture and climate, and the social emotional wellbeing and behaviour of students.  TFT gave me the opportunity to reflect on my teaching at regular intervals, and in a purposeful and directed way. It ensured that I focused on creating the classroom climate that I wanted (and that my students needed), which had a flow on effect to better quality teaching and learning (and a lot less stress!)”

  • Stephanie Acevedo-Bates

The Teacher FastTrack is now available to your Teachers for only $495 per Teacher – that includes:

  • 10 Learning Modules about the real work of the classroom across 12 months of commitment.
  • Coaching from a subject matter (that’s Teacher Practice) expert.
  • An appointed and supported local mentor to support with contextual discussions.
  • Countless additional resources.
  • The very best of the flipped learning environment – meaning no CRTs!

Click here to register yourself or your Teachers now for something that will underpin a practice led revolution in your school.