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It’s all about YOU now

The end of another year is upon us and all I can say is, congratulations, well done, super effort and thank you. Educators, Leaders and Staff working with our young people, thank you. Thank you for giving this year your all.

HSC results are in. Students have officially finished another year. I bet many of you are looking at results – HSC or otherwise – and are already starting to think about ‘How can we improve this?’ ‘How can I move student A from here to there?’, ‘How can I make a connection with kid X’. Go on, admit it. You are doing exactly this. Why? Because you are dedicated and your students are people whom you care about and want the best for. I get it. We do it every year. It is time to be selfish.

How about this – how about, no. Not right now. You have been ‘on’ for the whole year and that is downright exhausting. Exciting and joyous, yes and, exhausting. It is time for the educators of Australia to step back, step off the stage and take time for yourselves. Now it is all about you. It is time to get connected with people and places that energise you and fill your cup. Take time for yourself and your relationships. All of those friends that you were going to catch up with this year and didn’t – catch up with them now. All of the lunch dates and dinner dates that were pushed because you had to plan or mark, have those dates now. The beach, the mountains, the outdoors that you have missed because you were simply swamped? Get out there and ground yourself in Mother Nature. Have a drink, at lunch!

It is time to fill your own cup after giving so much to others.

This really is the time. Your health and happiness now needs to be a priority. The planning for next year can wait – until next year. The world will not collapse because you are taking email off your phone, turning off notifications and getting your self-care sorted. The world will be OK and when you come back next year, you will be refreshed, relaxed and most of all connected and ready to do it all again with a freshly filled cup.

Connection is everything. Get re-connected. Take a long walk, or nap. Just be. Fill your cup. Surround yourself with relationships. Rest. Enjoy. Be you.

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