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It’s Teacher Wellbeing, but not as you know it.

Last week I ran a webinar on Improving Teacher Wellbeing.
If you attended, thank you, and if you didn’t, well sorry but I think you missed some pretty good stuff.
One of the biggest differences between this webinar and the ones you have done before, or the PL you have already attended on Teacher Wellbeing, is that we got real. No more talk of how you need to have more time for meditation or yoga or making sure you switch off after 7pm. Instead, I shared the difference between this, and what Teacher Wellbeing really is.
The things I have mentioned above are important, but they are not wellbeing, they are self-care. This is the problem with Teacher Wellbeing, we do self-care really well, but wellbeing, not so much. This is why Teacher Wellbeing is still such a problem.
Self-Care is not Wellbeing.
Wondering what the difference is?
Here’s the big takeaway from the webinar:
SELF-CARE is something you DO, and WELLBEING is your EMOTIONAL STATE.
This is why Teacher Wellbeing as you know it isn’t working. You are too focused on the morning teas and afternoon boot camps, things that you do, when true wellbeing, and Improving Teacher Wellbeing needs to be about how we support teachers to understand their emotional state and how to better regulate and take care of themselves when it comes to their thoughts, feelings and actions. With that in mind, I just don’t think any amount of yoga is going to solve this issue.
We also chatted about how Teacher Wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility, and not just to be left up to school leaders or the wellbeing coordinator and how as individuals and schools we need to move from a reactive response to an embedded approach.

Lucky for you, you can watch the webinar here:

You won’t want to miss this a second time around.

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