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It’s time to say ‘YES’ to Teacher Wellbeing

Now, more than ever, we know we need to prioritise Teacher Wellbeing. With numerous teachers feeling their wellbeing is suffering, and research showing this is impacting student learning, we can’t continue to try and fix this growing issue with ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’ anymore.

We know our teachers are tired, paperwork is mountainous and chocolates on the staffroom table are a must. This isn’t a sustainable solution though if we really are to improve Teacher Wellbeing.

It is time we prioritise Teacher Wellbeing and move from the reactive approach we too often see, to an embedded approach in all schools. It is time for Teacher Wellbeing to be taken seriously by everyone, and time for each person to understand they have a role to play.

Wellbeing is more than self-care. It is understanding who you are as a person and understanding how your thoughts, feelings and actions impact your day. It is about ‘unlearning’ and ‘relearning’ as individuals and as a collective, so Teacher Wellbeing in all schools can become part of who we are, not something that we do.

To achieve this, we need to shift the focus on how we manage Teacher Wellbeing. We know that one-off events are not enough, and if we want embedded change, we need to start to build better understanding, better approaches and better individual habits. It is the work we all do as individuals that will allow us to see collective change.

I imagine this sounds like something you need in your school, for your teachers, your colleagues and possibly you too.

It is?

Great. Because I have something for you.

Real Schools Academy is proud to launch ‘Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships’. A 12-month partnership for teachers and schools to discover what Teacher Wellbeing really is, to learn about how to improve and transform Teacher Wellbeing and how to ensure Teacher Wellbeing is embedded in schools.

Teacher Wellbeing is a journey, one we need to work on together, and that is exactly what we are going to do together within our 12-month Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships.

You know this is what you and your school needs.

You can find out more about Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships and sign up here.

If you would like to chat with Amy about Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships, you can book a time here.

Warm regards,