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Just get going.

I’ve always giggled at young couples who tell me that they’re waiting until they’re ready to start a family.  Experience tells me that … nobody is ever really ready for that!

I reckon we sometimes get the balance wrong between planning and action.  When we do in schools, it’s often because we’re so afraid to fail that we plan incessantly to eliminate any risk of things not being perfect.

But there’s something to be said for learning on the run, from trial and error.  There’s something liberating about being ok with our imperfections too.

I like the Joe Sabah quote “You don’t have to be good to start … you just have to start to be good”.

Just start.  Even if you don’t feel completely ready.  In schools, as in families, you never really are.


One of the big challenges around starting the school year is supporting those educators who are newest to the profession.

Interested in finding out a little more about how to do that effectively?  Amy Green has written a fabulous e-book titled “Supporting Beginning Teachers”.

And now, just by clicking here  that ebook becomes yours.  Enjoy!



In 2021, Simon Dewar is providing private coaching to Assistant Principals across Australia.  That, of itself, isn’t so earth-shattering.

But there are a few things different about Intentional Leadership:

1.It’s specifically for APs and built from a knowledge base around real challenges in real schools (rather than aspirations for you that were designed by a department).
2.It’s flexibly designed to incorporate local and system challenges.
3.It commences with a contextually respectful diagnostic.
4.It’s fully resourced … it’s not just talking.
5.It’s designed by somebody (that’s Simon) who has actually sat in your position – and includes unlimited access to him.

Now that’s an opportunity.

THOUGHTS by Cassie Kitani

It is that time of year when we all start kicking ourselves back into work mode, getting ready to head back to what it is that we love and do every day. Some of us are heading back into a role that is comfortable and familiar while others are heading into unknown territory.

We have all been in that position of the new kid and it is worthwhile remembering that it can be tough.

For those of us welcoming new staff members the onus is on us to reach out. That first day of a new position is like the first day of school all over again. Will I make friends? Will anyone like me? Will they think I am a complete moron? Relationships matter. They form the basis of our interactions as humans and a simple ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ can literally be the highlight of the day for a newbie. So, as you begin welcoming new members to your team, a smile, a kind word, a reminder for them to slow down and take a deep breath, can be the life raft that keeps them afloat.

EPIPHANIES by Simon Dewar

Sometimes, it just needs to feel good.

It’s the time of the year when a lot of my discussions with teachers and leaders naturally becomes centred around reflection on the last year and goal setting for the year ahead. For obvious reasons, we look at the year that was and then look towards 2021.
What I find intriguing is that in nearly every situation, some type of data is dragged into the conversation. We’re conditioned to measure, compare and find evidence. I get the need to focus on data, but I think we are becoming a little obsessed. Before you allow the data to drive your conversation, try just trusting your instincts and talking with your team about the approach. Do you believe in it? The feeling of success will often precede the positive results. Achieving success takes patience, time and perseverance.

That feeling is about the culture of your school which will become the foundation for your success.

Warm regards,