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Keating’s Theory of the Road Runner

Hasn’t Term One flown by – as it always does.  Time seems to be something in short supply in the contemporary school such that our newly struck edu-buzzwords seem to be “busy”, “tired” and “treadmill” these days.

While I empathize with the genuine condition of weariness I’m also mindful of the social conditioning at play here.  Am I not working hard enough, being enough or doing enough if I’m not in a state of utter exhaustion?  Surely this can’t be our lot in life.

There’s a mindset shift to be made in embracing our treadmill workouts and in moving genuinely quickly.

Our former Prime Minister, Paul Keating knew this (yes, I’m declaring a little political bias here – he’s my favourite ever pollie!).  I’m currently reading Kerry O’Brien’s brilliant book “Keating” and one quote from Keating has really rung true for me.

Asked by O’Brien whether he was concerned that his sweeping economical reforms in his time as Federal Treasurer would be copied or imitated by others and claimed as their own, Keating said he simply adopted the theory of the Road Runner, “’’What I love about the Road Runner is he runs that fast he burns up the road behind him; there’s no road left for the others.”

Keating’s message is that you don’t have a moment to lose.  Move fast and move now.  Do what needs to be done and damn those who would either criticise or copy.   It’s also a message in refusing to fear failure.

What would you do in Term 2 if you knew you couldn’t fail?  Do it now, do it fast.


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