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Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement – now coming to Brisbane!

We’ve had a rather enormous reaction to our recent “Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement” events in Melbourne and Sydney … mostly from Queenslanders who weren’t there!

And so we’re bringing this ground-breaking FREE opportunity to Brisbane on Friday 15th November at 10am.

Click above to check out Adam’s video invitation to all of Queensland’s School Leaders – with a hint of that reaction from participants that we’re talking about.

Chief among the reason for bringing this event to you for FREE is respect.  We respect your time and your energy and have become firm in the belief that too much of it is being wasted on student behaviour initiatives and programs that give you nothing in return.

The notion that you can implement any program and, on the other side of that implementation, revel in a new level of conduct, respect and dignity is flawed.  We’ve been down this road before and it’s time to stop.

This is about understanding.

This is about capacity building and expertise.

This is about an entirely new way to approach the challenge of improving student behaviour that aligns with your principles and builds a culture that drives better behaviour.

Click the banner above to register immediately. Make it snappy as places are strictly limited.

For the investment of two hours only, your return on that investment will be:

  • Cutting edge research about how student behaviour can and does improve in schools.
  • A tailored improvement Roadmap to guide changes in thinking, language, practice and policy in your school.
  • A white paper titled “Student Behaviour Improvement …  Made Slightly Less Difficult” to support your implementation journey.

Would that possibly be worth two hours of your time?

If you’re a School Leader who reckons it might be – then we’re looking forward to seeing you on Friday 15th November at 10am in Brisbane.  

For more info and to download a flyer just head to our dedicated event webpage by clicking here.