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Let’s grab 2022 by the horns

Last week was an exciting week for us at Real Schools. With Queensland schools back in operation we hit the road after an interminable amount of time, like every other educator, on Zoom. To say we were pumped would be a massive understatement. Simon, Adam and I love every minute of getting in and working with schools but nothing, and I mean nothing, beats face to face. Cue – happy dances as we left for airports across the country.

As we now know, our excitement of face-to-face was to be short lived. I managed to get into two of my three scheduled schools with the others having to opt for a new date or an online version of the day. Great learning and laughs were still had but it was disappointing, nonetheless. I also managed to get in for face-to-face with one of my schools in Victoria and we had a blast.

Fast forward to last Friday and the NSW Dept. of Education’s decision around professional learning – sad face. I had some great conversations with Principals who were disappointed at the news and yet still wanting to move forward. We talked at length about how we are so ready for year 3 of the pandemic having learned from the last two years and there was a sense of urgency for us to get back on track – the frustration at the ‘powers that be’ is palatable and people are getting pissed off, and rightly so. Our teachers need something, some learning, some excitement, some pumping up of the work they have done and continue to do regardless of the politics blustering around them.

So, we made arrangements for online learning with teachers, with parents and with leaders because we are done waiting. We are done waiting for people to finish telling us how we should do the work and instead we are getting the work done. Grab every moment in 2022. Stuff may still be uncertain, policies and directives may change but the one thing that has not changed throughout this entire situation is the grit, the gumption and the dedication that our school leaders and teachers continue to demonstrate. Teachers and Leaders – we thank you. You are a powerhouse. You are steering through the storm.

Let’s grab every moment that 2022 throws at us, we have got this.

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