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Let’s keep the best and brightest in our caper.

Next week!  Yes, next Friday we run the Melbourne leg of our “Restorative Classrooms, Strong Classrooms” Workshop in Melbourne before taking it to Darwin on August 4th 2017.

But consider this for a moment –  a survey result out this week from the Australian College of Educators showed that more than 20% of Teachers considered leaving the profession in the last term … marry this against 30-50% of Teachers who actually do leave in the first 5 years of service … and then marry this against Student Behaviour remaining as the no.1 stressor of Australia’s Teacher.

This isn’t good enough and it’s time we acted.  This one-day opportunity is an action directly pointed at our biggest problem.

Designed to be all of engaging, challenging, productive and transformative this is a day that can genuinely be a turning point in the effectiveness and stress levels of the educators who attend.  Perhaps that’s why so many have already jumped on board!

Only a handful of tickets remain.  We’d love to have delegates from your school in attendance.