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Looking for a bit of inspiration?

Like Mr Jensen did in the clip below, the greatest gift for our students is to bring out the best in every individual and help them find their hidden talent.  

We all have Clint sitting in our class. For you, it may be Jack, Johnny, Amy, Claire or one of the many others who you need to look a bit harder to find their talent. 

Every student is unique with different interests, needs, abilities and learning styles. Some can pick it up quick and some take a little more time. For some students, the transition back will be easy but for others, it may be a little more challenging. 

Some students may not have had the structures and supports that allowed them to thrive in Remote Learning. Some students may not be ready to sit and listen just yet, but I am sure they will get there.

Either way, every teacher will know what’s required to support their kids. It may mean going back and re-establishing the routines, boundaries and expectations that make the classroom an exciting and engaging environment for every student. It may mean putting the content to the side and prioritising connection and relationships.

As you get back to business, not only would I like to congratulate you on the work you have done during Remote Learning but also remind you of the great opportunity that lies ahead.

The challenge is to make sure that every student has a Mr Jensen in their life.