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Looking for some improved definition?

No … this isn’t another weight loss article.

Apologies if the title of this article may have led you to believe that within these words lays the secret to dropping 7kgs in a week and to getting those rock hard abs in just 15 seconds a day.  Truth be told, if I had those kinds of answers, my mirror would be a lot kinder to me.  That’s not the ‘definition’ we’re talking about today.

This message comes from a series of conversations that I’ve had with Principals lately about School Culture.  Here’s what they have in common – every single one of them says that the Culture of their School is critical and that any program attempts will fail miserably if planted in a cultural wasteland.

Here’s where they differ – in defining exactly what a School Culture actually is.  When asked explicitly what a School Culture is and what influences it, builds it and sustains it, a certain look of quiet apprehension creeps across our faces.  It’s similar to the look that lovable lawyer Dennis Denuto would give in the classic Australian film “The Castle” as he describes the Constitution as having “a vibe”.  We’re vague, ethereal and lacking clear, concise thought.

As Dr.Phil loves to tell us, “You can’t hit what you can’t see”.  And as it is with School Culture.  If we aren’t clear about exactly what a School’s Culture is and how to reveal, gauge and focus on it – then how is it even possible to work on it.

I have my own ideas, but what do you think comprises a School Culture?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

A FREE opportunity to commence your School Culture journey.

We’re running a FREE webinar on Thursday 18th September at 3.30pm (EST) titled “What is a School Culture?”.

(Yes, we’re a little blunt about these things!)

We’ll be tackling specifically what is a School Culture really is.

… How do we define it?
… How do we work on it, enhance it and improve it?
… How do we sustain a productive and relational School Culture?
… And how do we know if we have a positive School Culture?
All of these key topics will be addressed in what is an important webinar targeted specifically at Principals, Assistant Principals, Leading Teachers and Aspiring School Leaders

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WELCOME aboard!

We’d like to welcome some amazing schools who, just in the last couple of weeks, have committed to long-term Partnerships around developing and sustaining successful School Culture:

• Moulden Primary School, NT. (Partnership Theme – Building a Restorative School – Elite 3 Year Partnership)

• Monmia Primary School, Vic (Investing in Teacher Capacity – Elite)

• Richmond North Primary School, NSW (Restorative Practices & Behaviour Management – Elite)

• St.Joseph’s Regional College, NSW (Building a Restorative School – Advanced 2 Year Partnership)

• Wirreanda Secondary School, SA (Building a Restorative School – Advanced).

If you’d like to chat about your school becoming the next Real Schools Partner and a long-term future where you are supported and trained to establish the relational culture you are striving for every day, just send us an email at Let’s have a chat about that.