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Making a difference one school at a time.

At Real Schools, we’re immensely proud of the progress and achievements made by all of our Partner Schools.  We were also very proud that our friend Suzy Barry at SchoolNews decided to so articulately detail the journey we’ve walked with Leopold PS.

You can check read Suzy’s article by clicking here.

The Leopold PS journey and transformation makes me feel proud because it’s one that has so intentionally been walked together.  I would love to claim that I have a magic wand and that our Real Schools PL is all you need to make a genuine cultural shift … but that would be beyond disingenuous.

What the leaders at Leopold PS have done is manifest new learning, new objectives and scaffolded practice shifts in a way that’s success oriented and accessible for the staff, for the students and for the community.  They’ve committed energy, time and focus.

This meant that my role is as a critical friend to the school’s staff – to all of them.  My job is to steer the work, to see the obstacles ahead, to navigate contextual challenges and to provide optimism for a better future.  I’ve enjoyed my role and, rather than toil, I know the Leopold PS team are also enjoying the fruits of their work now.

They’ve done a wonderful job.

With schools determining their 2018 strategic and PL plans right now, it might be worth a visit to our dedicated Partnership Webpage where you can watch a brief video unpacking the concept and download some simple docs to share with your Leadership Team.  Your school can be next to transform if you’ll make the choice to and are willing to do the work.

We’re ready when you are.

Free WEBINAR – Real Evidence – The Bridge from Data Collections to Improved Instruction

Real Evidence RS webinar


Register here for this “don’t miss and completely FREE” opportunity on Thursday 19th October at 3.30pm AEDT

What is the evidence that schools collect that best supports a student’s growth? It poses an interesting question because Australian schools are in the midst of a data driven epidemic that has students being tested so regularly that it is beginning to cost real learning time.

There is a solution to this. Schools need to be smarter about what data they capture and then use it strategically to illuminate the real student story. This no doubt involves, some testing but just as importantly, investing time collecting other vital student evidence such as who they are, how they learn and what they are passionate about. When teachers work together armed with this evidence to discuss their students, problem solving as they plan and then adjusting this planning as their kid’s progress they have incredible impact.

This is not ‘rocket science’ by any stretch of the imagination but a clear ‘work smarter, not harder’ approach to education and is about evidence informing teaching.

This webinar is about by having a more evidence informed approach whereby allowing schools to build the bridge between student evidence and improved instruction. Via real examples coupled with some tricks and strategies that you can adopt the next day in your school/classroom, your school can’t miss this one.