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Molly’s Mum

Let me start by saying sorry to all the lovely people called Molly out there. I see you.


However, I can reveal that my experiences with students called Molly have been subpar to my expectations of such a lovely name.


Most Mollys I’ve met have shared the inclination to race home from school to report to a parent (who I’ll refer to as Mrs Molly), exaggerated grievances about the tiniest inconveniences or perceived injustices in her day.


It’s taken me a bit of work to combat the genius of Mollys, but I think I’ve made it.


Put simply, when I’ve completed our agreed P3P3F3 conflict resolution approach with Molly and her peers, I take a photo of it and circle Molly’s commitment to repairing harm.


That photo is then immediately emailed to Mrs Molly, before Molly gets home, with the below text, which you are very welcome to plagiarise:

Dear Mrs Molly,


There was an issue at school today between Molly and her friends. We dealt with it through our agreed P3P3F3 template.


I just wanted you to know that Molly was outstanding. She showed genuine leadership in her group and modelled taking personal responsibility for others. I was so proud of her – and I wanted you to have the chance to feel that pride too. I’ve circled the action that Molly is taking in the attached pic for you.


If you’d do me a favour? At dinner tonight, please let Molly know how much I appreciate her trust in this process and the example that she’s setting.


I just love having Molly at our school.


Warm regards,

Mr Voigt


Sounds manipulative? You’re damn right it is! If the relationship between me and the throng of Mrs Mollies out there is going to be manipulated, then it’s going to be done positively and by me … not by Molly.


Cut, paste and enjoy.


Keep fighting that good fight,


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