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Moments matter, come join me for a moment.

Sometimes we just need to take a moment.

I was chatting to a friend this week about all the things I have to be grateful for. I know it sounds kind of cheesy but doing this really can switch up your mood and make you feel positive and happy almost instantly.

As someone who often rushes from A to B, and is always focused on ‘What’s next?’, it occurred to me that I don’t often spend time in the moments I am grateful for and instead tend to only realise how grateful I am for them once they have passed.

With a mind that is always racing it is hard to be grateful in the moment. To do that, you have to stop, be still, and notice what is happening as it happens. This is a skill you need to learn, and for most of us it means un-learning the idea that we need to be busy all the time.

Presence, or being mindful, comes back to your state of being; being aware, being present and being still, instead of being busy, being distracted or being inattentive.

How can you be grateful when your body is in one place, but your mind is somewhere else?

Sometimes, you just need to take a moment to be where you are and be grateful for the right now.

This is Wellbeing. Especially Teacher Wellbeing.

Join me next Tuesday 15th September at 3:45pm as we have a chat about Improving Teacher Wellbeing, including how to be more present and grateful for the now.

We will also cover how:

  • Teacher Wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility
  • We need to move from a reactive response to an embedded approach in every school
  • Self-care is not wellbeing, but it is an important part of it.

Register here to join me on Tuesday or to receive the recording if you can’t make it on the day.

Look forward to seeing you there,