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More than yoga.

I imagine one thing on your mind right now is self-care and wellbeing. 

It shouldn’t take such drastic events for this to happen but sadly, that tends to be what we do.

As teachers we naturally give so much to others, it doesn’t occur to us to stop and give to ourselves until we are really feeling it, until our mind and bodies are heavy and until getting out of bed feels like it will be the end.

It shouldn’t be like this.

Self-care and wellbeing aren’t just about walks in the sun or sleep-ins, and I hate to break it to you, but no amount of yoga is going to fix this issue. It’s bigger than that.

Your own self-care and wellbeing are about who you are, your actions, your thinking and where you focus your energy. It’s big and sometimes messy when you start on this journey, but so worth it.

The problem is that want it to be easy, and it isn’t. That’s why so many of us seem to keep finding ourselves back here. Heavy.

You have all the pieces of the puzzle, you just don’t know how to put them together. You need to tackle it the same though; do the edges first and then fill in the middle, and don’t give up on that missing piece you can’t find or the piece that doesn’t seem to go anywhere, you will figure it out. It’s a slow process though. Sometimes you will need to walk away and come back to it, and sometimes it will all end up on the floor and you will have to start again. Welcome to the never-ending journey of self-care and wellbeing. 

You need this. 

This is why atReal Schools Academy we have a self-care and wellbeing course in each of our three faculties.
To find out what is included in the Self-Care and Wellbeing course in our Graduate Faculty click here, for our Establishing Faculty click here, or if you an emerging leader looking to prioritise you Self-Care and Wellbeing click here.