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Musings of a grateful mind!

As we jump into July, I find myself deep in the winter chill and pondering the meaning of life…… and for those of us who grew up with the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, I’m still wondering if it’s 42!


As I ponder, I watch the world around me and the people I encounter along the way and I’ve decided to share some of my musings in an attempt

to provide you comfort, reassurance, provocation or maybe even just a laugh.


Every school I work with has had conversations with me about how kids seem different, and I’m increasingly aware that we are slipping into comparison with generations gone by.


Of course, just as we are different from our parents, this generation definitely has its differences! They have access to technology that is expanding faster than anyone can keep up with; they are hearing a constant narrative about cost of living pressures, HECS debts, housing affordability issues, job security, climate crises and national/international relations that reflect zero tolerance for others.


Talking to my own adult children, there is a sense of living in the moment because they see the great game of adulting as ‘unattainable’ to some extent. I encourage them to find the glimmers and remember that the glass is always half FULL.


The Winter Solstice has passed… the shortest day has been and gone with us edging closer to the season of regrowth and transformation. Rarely are people not excited for spring!


As someone who loves to hold and mark a book, Audible is growing on me; but, I have again returned to paper journal books.


Watching participants at Adam’s Sydney workshops last week, I was inspired by stories of ‘Restorative Classrooms, Strong Classrooms,’ inspired by school leaders who clearly understand the drive behind the ‘Art of School Culture Leadership’ and who are embracing simple shifts in language, conduct and mindset to support all stakeholders in their school communities. It’s not too late to see him in a few more locations as part of the Real Schools’ travelling roadshow!


Supporting loved ones and friends through interesting times with health or personal situations, I have been reminded of the power of hope. I have seen spirits lift when a diagnosis explains what is going on and a new determination to recover kicks in.


I have seen the rapid decline when people have no ‘Why’ to help them make sense of a strange situation. I have seen parents learn about restorative parenting and smile when they realise that they are not alone and a few simple tricks can help. I have seen colleagues ask for help and the flood of offers that come rushing back to them. I have seen first hand, the extension of life beyond anything expected through a move closer to friends and family for whatever time is left. I have seen kindness, compassion and gratitude and I choose to focus on that, rather than the fear and uncertainty that the media and politicians make a living out of!


I have seen examples of the opposite of those things also – cruelty, sadness, frustration, despair, and I lean in deep to my understanding of human behaviour and quietly plot ways to get back to this idea of it taking a village to raise a child and the power of community.


I urge everyone to find just one thing a day that could have a positive impact on the world around them; and then don’t expect bells and whistles for doing it, expect the rush of knowing you made a difference!


Unconditional love is a basic right that every single person should experience; if you haven’t found it yet, I believe it is out there waiting for you! Don’t doubt it when it comes knocking!


Weather tracking warning systems are great in a crisis, but when they are used for pushing up insurance premiums, I reckon that is fraud!


Velvet makes people who don’t always like to be touched, a moving target!


What are your musings of the world in Winter 2024?