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Nervous excitement

In Midnight Marked, Chloe Neill wrote “They blew out a breath and did the thing heroes must do – they took that terrifying first step.”

While I wouldn’t quite describe the educators I’ve met with in the last couple of weeks as terrified, I would comfortably describe what I’ve noticed as nervous excitement ahead of what 2021 holds for us.

Just remember that you don’t need to finish, fix or solve anything or anyone in the short term.  For now – a brave and productive first step will do just fine.


Suspension Flowchart for Secondary Schools.  It’s based on some work we’ve done with several high schools over the last few years who are looking to tackle this fraught, but necessary, school imperative with two things in mind:

1. their Restorative Practices commitments.
2. a determination for consistency.

Given that schools like our partners at Charters Towers State High School in rural Queensland have reduced student suspensions by 60% through our focused work on School Culture over the last 3 years, we thought we’d share it with you.

Download the Secondary Student Suspension Flowchart by clicking here.



This pic is Wodonga South PS and this week they’re PL Day with Simon was a huge success.

We may have mentioned once or twice that our School Culture Partnerships are pretty cool and that we’ve achieved some amazing results with them.
In a very small nutshell, it’s about committing in a tangible way to your School Culture and then having a successful, proven Principal walk a journey with you over three years to your desired culture.

There’s obviously a lot more to it, but if you’d like to explore the options for your school, now is the perfect time.

Just reply to this email and we’ll make a chat about your school’s hopes, ambitions and challenges happen.

THOUGHTS by Adam Voigt

I lost my iPad last week.  It was somewhere on my journey from Melbourne to Charters Towers.  It could have been left in a hotel, on a plane or in a hire car.  I honestly don’t remember the last time I used it or where I put it.

I’ve been cursing myself over it.  Both the internal self-talk and external mutterings have been “How could you be so irresponsible?”, “Geez you’re an idiot sometimes” and “Honestly, you’re such a dumb arse!”.

I’ve even had our amazing Business Manager calling those hotels, airlines and car hire companies in the vain attempt to recover from my numbskullery as cheaply as possible.
Then I saw the iPad on the nightstand in my bedroom, under a book I was reading on the plane.  I thought I’d just taken the book from my bag, but it seems I’d unknowingly grabbed the ipad stashed next to it at the same time.

Turns out I’m not quite as stupid as I thought.

And neither are you.  As you kick off the school year, just remember that even the worst mistakes you make are usually recoverable and that perhaps you beating yourself up isn’t the best way to find a solution anyway.

The things we say to ourselves when things go wrong are rarely true.  In fact, they’re often corrosive and cruel.

Stay a little kinder to yourself as the great educational variable … students … flood through your imperfect schools.


Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you need it.

With the heatwave recently, I found myself experiencing a little of what I call ‘sunshine guilt’. The sun is out, rays beaming down, and the sky is blue. Every part of me wants to be outside. Bike rides, swimming, gardening, running and just being in the sun for no other reason than it’s there and I can.

As much as I love the sun though, I also know it has a way of taking it out on me. The heat can make me tired and sunburn is always lurking close by if I don’t slip, slop, slap. I have been pretty good with the slip, slop, slap, however, the excessive sun-seeking has certainly taken its toll in the last few days, making me more tired than usual.

It reminded me that just because it is there doesn’t mean I have to indulge, and as you head back to school, this might be something to keep in mind. Just because the teacher next door has an awesome jungle themed room doesn’t mean you have to too, just because there are welcome back chocolates doesn’t mean you have to eat them and just because your colleague is trying out a new assessment app doesn’t mean you should as well.

Do what is right for you, what will make you feel good and perhaps ease into new changes. Just because there is a heatwave doesn’t mean we all need sunstroke.

Warm regards,