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Netflix and kindness

I did some researching (ok, Googling!) for some information this week on how the people in schools can best cope, or even thrive, through the current lockdowns that so many Australian Teachers and School Leaders are enduring.

I think I was looking for something profound and disruptive.

But, when I came across this Routledge study on the impact of positive psychology through Covid interruptions, my focus became simpler and more practical.

You don’t need to read it all, but here’s two takeaways that struck me.  The study explicitly states that:

  1. You should watch Netflix with your families. Firstly, it’s fun.  And secondly, it will result in secondary discussions about the series, fostering connections with those you care about deeply and bolstering your personal resilience.
  2. You should be generous – both personally and as a school. There’s a tendency to get insular and selfish when times are tough.  But those who donate to charity or make food/technology available through the school are benefiting from the serotonin hit (the pride chemical in the brain) as much as the recipients of their generosity are.

I concede that this message isn’t really about teaching or school leadership … but aren’t we all people before we’re either of those things?

Kindness and generosity – both to self and others.

It’s good policy at the moment.

Keep fighting that good fight,

PS.  Thinking I should do the generous thing myself.  So I’m going to run a FREE 1-hr webinar this Tuesday at 2pm AEST titled “Leading a Restorative School”.  If you’re doing the RP leadership thing, or thinking about it you can register here.

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