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Nothing Like A Good Pep Talk.

As restrictions continue to ease across Australia, our classrooms are beginning to feel a bit more normal again. For some States and Territories, Remote Learning may have felt like a long time ago but for others, it’s only just finished with the remaining grades or year levels returning this week. Either way, you have done an amazing job negotiating the many demands that Remote Learning has thrown at you.

Despite these achievements, I met with a few teachers last week and they expressed concern that they aren’t on track to meet their mid-year goals.  It got me thinking…Maybe you too are feeling unsure. We are coming off the back of a pretty unusual first half and as an ex PE teacher, I can’t help but putting into a sporting context. 

The Game started quite well, we were consistently putting scores on the board, getting to know our team and starting to weigh up our strengths, weaknesses and challenges that we needed to overcome. 

Quarter time and the buzzer has sounded…Basically the coach had to leave the court, new rules were introduced, some players just went and sat on the bench, but others stood up to the challenge. We couldn’t access all members of our team, but everyone kept contributing and throughout everything you managed to keep the ball in the air. Maybe you are slightly ahead, maybe slightly behind, but the exciting thing is that it is only half time!!!

And that usually means it’s time for a good “pep talk” so here it goes……

“We can do this, the first half is nearly behind us and we have some of our best players ready to fire! Coach is back courtside, and we have a new game plan, or at least the old game plan re-jigged, many of us have learned new skills. In all the chaos, there is also a funny sense of calm, a chance for a fresh start. Listen to the crowd. There seems to be more support from the crowd, a shared appreciation that grew throughout our struggles. They know how hard you have worked. Let’s show them we can do what we’ve always known we can.  We still have more than half a year in front of us, that’s over 100 days of school for our kids.”

When you think about it, 100 days is a lot and therefore a lot of great things can still happen. New connections, new initiatives, new practices, new expectations and new learning.  

As the siren sounds to begin the second half, walk into your class confident that you will reach your intended outcomes.  Take pride in the fact that you have stayed in the game over the last few months, enjoy being back with your students and continue to do what you do best……help kids reach their potential.

Go get ‘em!