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Transform your school culture through Restorative Practices

Education leader and expert Adam Voigt is bringing his unique blend of storytelling, experience and good common sense to New Zealand educators.

It’s tough being a teacher these days, isn’t it?

You want to make a difference in your students’ lives, and cultivate an environment that is built on mutual trust and collaboration.

But increasing admin, challenging student behaviour, teacher shortages and that never ending to do list makes it feel almost impossible.

What if there was a better way?

Implementing Restorative Practices as the underpinning methodology for change will trigger a revolution in teacher practice and cultural leadership. It will help you foster a strong school culture, build effective relationships with all your stakeholders, resolve conflict in a healthy way, and reduce bullying incidents at your school.

Professional learning workshops for NZ educators

Join Adam Voigt and other New Zealand-based educators for a professional development series in Auckland, designed for teachers and school leaders.


Restorative Classrooms, Strong Classrooms Workshop

This workshop is for teachers and school leaders across Primary, Secondary, and Special environments who want to learn how to apply restorative practices for accelerated student growth and learning.

You will work through a unique methodology called ‘Restorative Practices 2.0,’ and get practical tools and tips that you’ll be able to use in your classroom right away.

You’ll see firsthand the power of restorative practices for your school. By the day’s end, you’ll be ready to flip the script and create an environment of consistency and high expectations, delivering greater outcomes for you and your students.

Thursday 15 August 2024
Rydges Auckland
59 Federal Street, Auckland

The Art of School Culture Leadership Workshop

This workshop is designed for current and aspiring school leaders who want to create a positive school culture for all stakeholders.

One that is inclusive and welcoming, with high expectations for success built on trust and mutual understanding.

Together, we will paint the picture of your school’s future, and drive true cultural change for your school.

Friday 16 August 2024
Rydges Auckland
59 Federal Street, Auckland
‘When first hearing Adam speak I felt a strong connection to what he was saying about changing school culture, and the way we deal with behaviour.
These workshops opened up the conversation about a way of teaching students that allows them to take responsibility for how their actions affect others and sheds light into the importance of teachers building meaningful relationships with students.
Adam’s energy and realism is what makes his workshops one of kind.
I look forward to the next one!’
Amanda Adams
Amanda Adams
Chester Hill North Public School

Your Facilitator

Adam Voigt in a classroom

A passionate advocate for teachers and school leaders, Adam Voigt is an education leader and expert on building healthy school cultures, education leadership and restorative practices.

Adam’s work as a School Principal in some of Australia’s toughest locations underpins every element of his practice. He reeks credibility and the humour, stories and hope behind his evidence-based approach mean his message rings true with audiences everywhere.

Author of the acclaimed book, Restoring Teaching, and creator of the teaching methodology he calls ‘RP2.0,’ Adam has taken to print his mission to transform education in Australia – one school at a time.

Adam also takes critical messages about schools, learning, culture and leadership and elevates action in the education system through his groundbreaking education business, Real Schools.

About Real Schools

Founded in 2012, Real Schools supports 12,000 teachers in 270 schools across Australia, directly impacting the wellbeing of over 130,000 students through our evidence-based program to drive positive cultural change.

A partnership with Real Schools is just that – a true partnership between us and your school.

We’ll work hand-in-hand with your school over a three-year journey to implement Restorative Practices as the underpinning methodology of your school culture.

Focused on ‘low investment, high return’ changes that trigger both quick wins and sustainable practice commitments, what we call ‘RP2.0’ is a revolution in teacher practice and cultural leadership, fostering a culture at your school that is strong, relational, and built on trust.

Now looking to expand into New Zealand, geography is no barrier. Real Schols also works across all systems including the government, independent and faith-based sectors, as well as special schools.

Hear from one of our partners, Berrima Public School, about their journey to implement Restorative Practices with Real Schools.

Learn more about what your school can achieve in partnership with Real Schools.

Learn more about partnering with Real Schools

Book a chat with a Real Schools representative – we’d love to hear more about your vision for your school!

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