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One more course … or a critical friend and some real progress?

I’d like to introduce you to Jenny Beckwith.  I think Jenny is amazing for two key reasons:

  1. She’s a highly dedicated and effective Assistant Principal in a rural K-12 school experiencing both some significant change challenges and successes.
  2. She’s a new alumni of our Real Schools Executive Coaching Program.

You see, Jenny made a decision to invest less in attending courses and to invest more in her own ongoing capacity.  Jenny plays the long game and below is what she says that decision has done for her.

“From the very first session, I could tell this executive coaching experience with Adam Voigt was going to be amazing…right from the start we tackled the hard issues; which not only included pearls of wisdom, encouragement and strategies for difficult situations in my role, but stretched my thinking and approach in dealing with staff, including how to get the best out of them, and for them.

As the sessions progressed and as I approached the widely varied tasks of each day, I was able to see situations from different perspectives and consider more reflectively what the best outcome would be for all concerned.  Adam’s unique way of adding humour to the conversation kept each session enjoyable; included topics such as the attributes of zombies and the turmoils of being a football supporter were discussed – all in the context of connecting personal experiences to real-life situations.

The impact this has had on me as a leader has been to help me see more clearly the best path to take, to learn how to ‘call a spade a spade’, to stay fixed and committed to the course and to prioritise.  The reflection and self-evaluation components of these sessions were extremely valuable in helping me work out what kind of leader I was, where I needed to tweak my thinking and how to become the leader I want to be…Thank you Adam for the insightful and challenging experience that has set me on the path to becoming the best leader I can be.”

If you would like 2017 to be the year where you are more Jenny than in 2016, then just visit our dedicated Real Schools Executive Coaching Webpage where you can download the Prospectus, watch the Introductory Video and even get started.

… or I guess you could sign up for another seminar and hope that does the trick!

Free Webinar – Ryan Martin presents “The High Expectation Classroom”

Real Schools Director, Ryan Martin, knows a thing or two about raising and sustaining high expectations.  Having led and taught in many challenging locations, he’s developed an arsenal of strategies that actually work … and he wants them in your hands.

Click here to register for this FREE Webinar on Thursday 13th October at 3.30pm AEDT.

In the webinar, you’ll learn exactly how to:

  • dispel myths about achieving high expectations
  • connect higher expectations to improved student behaviour.
  • lay the groundwork for self-directed higher expectations.
  • mobilise parents on the high expectations journey.
  • Encourage students to dream bigger!

This webinar is really a no-brainer and is targeted at teachers of all phases of learning.  You’re welcome!