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Overthinking prevents action

Trusting that you’re enjoying our new emailing commitment.  Judging by the number of people who came along to our gift events last week, quite a few of you took the goodies from the bag!

Here’s this week’s nuggets of joy!


This Wednesday’s FREE Video Tutorial is for Teachers who want to be fair.  You know, most people (including students and parents) will cop an undesirable outcome if it was arrived at fairly.

They really will – it’s how we’re wired. So what does fairness, broken down into simple behavioural practices, look like?  Well, that’s what this opportunity is all about.  Never again will you hear the pained complaint of “That’s not fair!” if you choose to get involved.

Register here.



Due to Amy being away on a NSW beachside holiday (fully activating the green-eyed monster in me as we southerners continue to endure Melbourne’s lockdown) this week’s ‘TEACHER TALK’ via our Real Schools and Real Schools Academy Facebook pages will be at 5pm on Wednesday.

This week Amy’s addressing the TERM 4 PANIC that descends upon teachers who see that there’s still so much to get through.

Got something you want Amy to discuss, send your ideas or questions to







Between now and the end of 2020, I’ve made a commitment to helping groups of Principals and APs wherever I can, for FREE.

We’ve had an incredible response to this presentation (affirmed by the Cranbourne South Principal Network who were glowing about this opportunity to reflect on what really matters in their work).

You can directly book your own session at my Calendly Link where I’ll present “Restoring Teacher Respect” at your next network meeting.




THOUGHTS by Simon Dewar

This week it’s my turn to conjure a thought for the week. Being the first time that I get to share my thoughts through our newly designed newsletter, I spent a bit of time planning.  When I finally had that light bulb moment and started to write, I’d then come up with a better idea, so I stopped and started down a new path. After about ten restarts, I come to the realisation that I was overthinking a simple task. I was turning something fun into something stressful. Every idea I started with, was overrun with endless deliberating, worry about how you would receive it, and worrying about the relevance to your work.

This habit of overthinking is a common behaviour pattern for teachers. We run commentary in our head about striving perfection, and as a result, it can restrict our creativity and our confidence. We then find ourselves procrastinating, and our effectiveness decreases.

The next time you have an idea, try not to overthink it like I did today. Instead, put it in perspective, be realistic about the outcome and don’t strive for absolute perfection. The most important thing is just to take action and believe in yourself.


Don’t let the mistake win.

It’s so easy to get lost in a mistake – the lesson that didn’t go to plan, a student struggling to learn, a meeting that ended up going nowhere.  When this happens, we can easily get caught up in thinking we have got it all wrong.

Mistakes happen, but you don’t need to stay in them or carry them further.

Learn from them then let them go.

Make the mistake worth it.

Warm regards,