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Transform your school’s culture by partnering with Real Schools to implement Restorative Practices across a three-year journey.

What is a Real Schools

Real Schools rejects the notion that a one-day PL Day can change your school’s culture. So, do us a favour and don’t ask for that … we’ll say “No!”

A Real Schools partnership is just that – a true partnership between us and your school.
We’ll work with you over a three-year journey to drive positive change, fostering a culture at your school that is strong, relational, and built on trust.

In practical terms, this means, this time, the changes are going to stick;

– High quality, annual PL days for your staff
– In-class support for teachers
– Parent engagement sessions
– 1:1 school leaders mentoring
– 1:1 teacher coaching
– Unlimited email and phone support for school leaders
– Practical resources including readings/ videos/podcasts
– Measurement tools so we can track the impact of our partnership on all school stakeholders.

Why partner with us?

Your Real Schools partnership is an investment in your school’s future and will be a driving force for positive change.

You will join a community of hundreds of schools that have witnessed remarkable improvements in student behaviour, staff motivation, parental involvement and the entire effectiveness of the learning environment.

The impact of a Real Schools partnership on the teachers and leaders in your school will be profound, leaving them feeling more effective and less stressed.

After partnering with Real Schools, teachers and school leaders report significant improvement in student behaviour and effectiveness of teaching time, greater trust and a greater sense of connectedness.

Our partners

Founded in 2012, Real Schools now supports 12,000 teachers in 250 schools across Australia, directly impacting the wellbeing of over 130,000 students through our evidence-based program to drive positive cultural change.

Geography is no barrier – we work with schools all across Australia, from inner city Melbourne to Kalgoorlie and anywhere in between!

We also work across all systems including the government, independent and Catholic sectors, as well as special schools.

How does it work?

Now this is the truly unique component of a Real Schools partnership.

A Real Schools Expert Facilitator will be appointed to your school for the entire three-year duration of your partnership.

And you can rest assured that your Expert Facilitator has ‘been there and done that’ because each one is a former and successful teacher and school Principal.

Your leadership team and teachers will have unlimited access to your Expert Facilitator for the entire three years, because we want your partnership to work as much as you do.

Want to know more?

Adam, or another one of our expert facilitators, is always happy to talk to school leaders about how RP2.0 can be implemented.

Book a meeting with Real Schools now

But don’t just take our word for it!

Hear from our partners about the impact that a Real Schools partnership is having on their school, teachers and students.

“We can get support at a moment’s notice – and that’s what makes Real Schools different.”

– Swansea Public School, NSW

XX% of our partner schools reported an improvement in students’ mental health and wellbeing.

XX% of our partner schools reported an increase in the connections between teachers and students.

“Students feel like they’ve been heard and valued.”

– Mount View High School, NSW