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Partnership … not Pivot

Honestly, if I get one more email telling me their business or school has had to “pivot” due to Coronavirus … I may explode.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that “pivot” will be on the first post Covid-19 bingo card for those absurd corporate words that weasel their way into our vocabularies.

And yet … here I am telling you we’ve done just that.  I feel somewhat unclean about it!

If you need to download a version of this for your Leadership Team, just click here to get that done. 

 Put simply, we’ve thought deeply through just how we can provide the full benefit of Real Schools Partnerships – both for our current Partner Schools and also those who are thinking about becoming Real Schools Partners.

And then … we’ve thrown in some steak knives.  In a time when schools are dealing with loss, disruption and disconnection, we think it appropriate that we step into giving you something that fills the void.

If you’d like to discuss Partnership for your school, without any obligation, just click here and we’ll make that happen as soon as works for you.

What does Partnership look like, achieve and feel like?  Check out Principal Michael Block’s story of Partnership at Kananook PS by clicking here.

Have a wonderful Easter break, whatever that looks like for you, your school, your family and your community.  We think you deserve a Real Schools Partnership for your school … but you deserve your batteries to be recharged even more.