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Preparing to take the next steps

Reem Acra is an International Fashion Designer. She specialises in bridal gowns to be exact. Her work may not be linked directly to education, but I think she is onto something with her quote below;
“Anything that works well or has long-term success is never done quickly.”
This quote can easily be transferred to a large number of situations and can be applied to a range of different contexts in life. In education, it especially fits well when you apply it to your School Improvement endeavour or your desire to strengthen your School Culture.
Agree? Yes, me too.
I am sure that in your school, amongst all the chaos and uncertainty, you are planning for great things to happen in 2021. You are planning for long term success.  
As the planning begins, take the advice from Reem and don’t just look for a quick fix or an inspiring one day PL event. A good PL Day can get your staff fired up, but it stops there. If you want lasting improvement, you will need to engage in an approach that is fully tailored to meet the specific needs of your school. That approach could be a Real Schools Partnership. So you are aware, schools in Partnership certainly do receive a high-quality PL experience, and then we back that up with a wide range of supports for effective implementation.   

School Leaders, if you are interested in finding out more, join me on Friday the 28th of August at 10 am for a webinar titled ‘An Introduction to a Real Schools Partnership’.
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