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Preparing to take the next steps

“Flying by the seat of your pants is no way to travel” – Bill Walsh

I love this quote because in schools, we know that planning for success is essential. It’s something that most Principals do well.

Before 2020 is over, I am sure that you will have a Strategic Plan, Annual Plan, Performance and Development Plan, and then the wide variety of operational plans like your 2021 budget all lined up ready for the new year.

Although the planning is of utmost importance, it’s the implementation that makes the difference.

How will you implement your grand ideas and reach your targets?
How are you going to build a stronger relational community?
How will you take your school to the next level?

A Real Schools Partnership will answer these questions and help you achieve the gains you desire. Our Partnerships are comprehensive and tailored for your school so that the impact will significantly strengthen your entire School Culture. Our Partnerships are not a 1-day PL event, and they are not another program.

Want to find out more? If so, join me tomorrow at 10am for a free webinar (with no obligations), and I’ll unpack the key components for you. That’s right, I’ll share the plan.

All you need to do is three things:

  1. Register by clicking here.
  2. Grab a hot cuppa at about 9.58am tomorrow and log on.
  3. Sit back, listen and just take it all on board.

I’ll see you in the morning.

Warm regards,