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Preparing to take the next steps

It’s evident that schools and the entire education community have managed to stand up to the challenge of remote schooling. I know it hasn’t been easy, but I do hope that it is becoming a little more comfortable. I am sure that now there are a few less sleepless nights than a few weeks ago.

I’ve been talking to a few school leaders lately and they told me that amongst all the chaos and uncertainty, one of the few positives has been the opportunity to find a little more time to reflect on the progress of their school and start planning for great things to happen in the next phase of their leadership.

That got me thinking.

School leaders have been faced with a number of new challenges and have needed some space to get their head around everything. I understand, but as a result of these conversations, I just want to make sure that we can continue to be of service and support to schools. 

Like the Principals that I have been chatting with, if you are looking towards the future to find the best way to set up your school for long-term success, join me for a webinar titled ‘An Introduction to a Real Schools Partnership’. 

This invite is extended to any School Leader who is interested in finding out more about how to build a strong, relational School Culture. 

To register, find a day and time that suits you and then follow the links below: