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Queensland School Leaders – Can you spare 2 hours?

I know the time of School Leaders is ridiculously scarce – I’ve had enough of that.

I know much of it is spent following up student behavioural infractions or launching pointless investigations – I’ve had enough of that too.

I know you spend oodles of time and money on behaviour programs that leave you looking for another (and then ANOTHER) BM program to run – yep, I’ve definitely had enough of that!

And so, rather than flog you another program, I’ve decided to do something productive about it.  I’m going to show you a better way – a different and disruptive way – to approach the challenge based on some brain science research that actually stands up to the scrutiny of a modern Australian school.

It’ll take me about two hours to get the job done.  Can you spare that?

Click here to head to our dedicated webpage where your video invitation to the Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement event in Brisbane on Friday 15th November.

This is a totally FREE opportunity.  You aren’t going to be sold another program and you aren’t going to be patted on the head and told that it’s everyone else’s fault.

It’s going to be a tough and provocative school leadership workout.

Click the banner above to register immediately. Make it snappy as places are strictly limited.

 For the investiment of two measly hours, you are going to leave with:

  • Cutting edge research about how student behaviour can and does improve in schools.
  • A personalised improvement Roadmap to guide changes in thinking, language, practice and policy in your school.
  •  A white paper titled “Student Behaviour Improvement …  Made Slightly Less Difficult” to support your implementation journey.

If you’ve also had enough of failed attempts to improve conduct, culture and behaviour in your school … then I reckon you’re the kind of School Leader I’d like to meet – and help – in Brisbane at 10am on Friday 15th November.