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Real Schools Academy – What is it?

As you may have seen in my Newsletter last week, it’s time to get excited about teaching again. It’s time to again focus on what we know is great teaching, building fun and engaging lessons and also how to keep growing as an educator.

I’d like to take this moment to introduce to you (if you haven’t already heard) Real Schools Academy.

Reals Schools Academy is finally here, and to be totally honest is something I have longed to offer teachers for some time now.

As a teacher myself I know there is nothing worse than having to attend PL that doesn’t interest you at all, that leaves you wondering ‘what now?’ and that is more focused on a product or program than you as a teacher.

Not here at RSA. We have designed RSA to actually be the opposite. You get choice of what you enrol in, you get 24/7 support and there is no product to buy; this is all about making teaching easier.

Having been a teacher myself I simply don’t believe we need to add more to our workload, instead we need learn to adjust and tweak what we already have so we can focus on what’s important both in and out of the classroom.

To make this happen, we have put together 18 (Yes 18!), 6-week courses under our 3 faculties; Graduate, Establishing and Leadership, meaning whatever your teaching experience, we have you covered.

Want to know more? 
Simply register and join me on one of the webinars below where I will show you what Real Schools Academy is, answer any questions you have and also ensure you understand that Real Schools Academy really is about making teaching easier.

Monday 27th April at 9AM –
Wednesday 29th April at 4PM –
Friday 1st May at 12PM –