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Resilience – but not in our staffs

We are so excited to have Resilience Expert Michael Licenblat as Guest Presenter at our next FREE webinar on Thursday 16th July at 3.30pm (AEST) for current and aspiring School Leaders. We’ve talked a lot about Resilience in schools lately – but it always seems to be with a student focus. What about us? What are the costs of low Resilience in our Teaching Teams? 

Here’s what Michael has to say about exactly why this is a webinar that you can’t afford to miss:

Schools are under a lot of pressure to become educational leaders and produce high level results. With greater expectations, increased competition, and higher standards, teachers have to adapt faster, work harder, and manage more to deliver great education and a positive learning experience.

Unfortunately, these pressures can cause teachers to have inconsistent teaching quality, reduced drive, more stress, and a higher potential of burnout and staff turnover.

The reality is that your teachers will be faced with pressures and changes that will both challenge them and open up new levels of possibility. A major key to your team’s success is being able to flow with change, becoming resilient to pressure, and stay engaged and motivated.

This is greatly determined by how well teachers can bounce back from the setbacks, changes and stresses that otherwise slow them down or wear them out. In this webinar, you will learn how to build a team that is adaptable and positive when working with change and pressure.

Does a focus on Reslience make a difference? It seems it does.
“As teachers we are helping to mould and guide young lives, so it is important that we stay focused and enthusiastic with our work. It’s hard to do that with the everyday rush of the job. Michael’s program has helped us to just that. We need to take a moment each day to release the pressure and rebuild our resilience. I am very happy with the outcome.” 
Louise Manwaring
Principal, Mudgee High School

As such, you simply cannot afford to miss this opportunity to spend an hour on something that could be the difference between a successful Semester Two and the unravelling that comes towards to end of a busy and draining school year.