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Rest, gratitude and awe.

To conclude the year, I’m just thinking that we’re losing too many great educators at the moment.  Just by virtue of you reading this, it seems like you’ve stayed.  I’m really glad you did.


I’m a fierce believer that the quality and passion of our workforce is the ballast of the ship that’s our education system.  You keep this thing afloat.


I’m going to disappear from your inbox for a few weeks now as a symbolic gesture that I think you’ve earned this break.


Try not to check that email inbox and just be fully present in the rest and the company of those you love over this break.  That’s my aim anyway.


You deserve that rest.


It’s a rest from a challenge that’s so exhausting for no other reason than it’s so worthwhile.  It’s worthy of you being rested and ready for 2024.


I’m in awe of Australia’s teachers and school leaders.  If nobody has told you how valuable you are for our entire social and economic prosperity, I hope I can sneak into your consciousness today just enough to be that person.


See you when its time.


Thanks for fighting that good fight,


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