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Restorative Circles – What, How, When and for How Long?

We’re running a FREE webinar on Wednesday, 19th of August at 3.30pm (AEST).

A huge number of Australian Schools are discovering the benefits of Restorative Practices as a fundamental platform for:

  • developing classroom climate
  • resolving conflict
  • focusing on relationship building
  • maximising student engagement
  • addressing bullying

And while that all sounds fantastic – there’s an anxiety in many Teachers we meet about just how to get started with a critical component of Restorative Practices …. circle time.

In this webinar, you can expect informative and highly practical strategies for commencing and refining your ability to:

  • keep your Restorative Circles under 15 minutes (and even as quickly as 30 seconds!)
  • schedule the appropriate number and frequency of Restorative Circles in your program.
  • differentiate the Five Types Of Restorative Circles and how they can work for you:
    • Check-In Circles
    • Check-Out Circles
    • Preparation Circles
    • Response Circles
    • Learning Circles
  • use circles to serve, rather than intrude upon, the important Teaching & Learning work that is core business.

This really is a free one-hour opportunity that you can’t afford to miss. It’s really about a simple question – “Are you ready for a more effective, relational, respectful and high-performing classroom?”. Are you?

This Real Schools webinar is targeted at Teachers of all learning phases and ages.