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Self-Reflection can be a Scary Thing

Looking inwards at our own behaviour and self can be a daunting thing. A little self-reflection can be healthy in understanding the ways in which you operate. Too much can take you down a rabbit hole of over thinking and self-judgement. Finding the sweet spot in the middle can be challenging.

Every person that we meet has come to that place and time with a whole host of life experiences. They have been loved, hurt, betrayed. They have had positive experiences and negative ones. They are a whole and complex human being. As are you. But, when and how you meet can make all the difference.

I’ve been doing a little self-reflection over the last couple of very busy months and am trying to work out what I need to be more of and less of. Working in schools with our amazing and passionate teachers, as well as our amazing and developing students often places me in situations where I am meeting people and different times and places in their lives. Some have lives that are moving along with few hiccups while others may be in the midst of difficult times. The same is true for me.

My self-reflective questions have been, how can I be a little more or less of something to facilitate a positive moment in our lives – because that meeting point brings our lives together if only for a day. I haven’t found a complete answer but I think I have found the some questions to reflect upon to bring me closer to one.

Each day before I meet people I ask myself, where am I in myself on this day? Am I feeling good and ready for conversation? Can I put whatever is bothering me or taking up space in my brain to the side? Can I remember to breathe and consider our conversation from a neutral standpoint without getting stuck on the emotion?

I have been asking myself these questions regularly as I am passionate about our students, parents and teachers and the kicker is that so are the people I am speaking with on any given day. We all want the same thing – the best outcome for our kids, so how can I be aware of my own behaviour, my language, my vibe to ensure that that is an outcome we can reach. I know I can be a straight down the line talker, I tend to just put it all out there. That isn’t always as helpful as I might think. My personal goal is to try to be a little softer. A little lighter in situations where I am the listener. A little kinder as I puzzle through difficult scenarios with passionate people.

I am a work in progress. We all are. A little self-reflection might just be the ticket to enable us to challenge and grow on our own terms and in our own time.

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